The right owner is the person who wants a rugged, healthy dog: a bright companion full of terrier spunk. The Lakeland Terrier has very unique personalities and quirky behaviors that will keep you laughing. With proper training, the Lakeland Terrier can also be good companions for considerate children; but toddlers do not make good owners of any breed of dog and Lakeland Terrier are no exception to the rule.

Bitches are generally more alert, quicker to learn and have more of the “I can do it myself” approach to life. They are sometimes dominant in their love of people and may be scrappier towards other dogs. They are definitely more vocal than males, although the Lakeland Terrier is not a yapper. Males tend to be easy-going, devoted, friendly companions, and are more challenging than aggressive. They are steadier, quieter, and quicker to enjoy the fun in life than the bitch.

The Lakeland Terrier should not be allowed (or worse, encouraged) to be an aggressive dog. The Lakeland Terrier has typical terrier quickness. He’s quick to make friends, quick to react to your moods, and quick to switch from couch-potato to super watch dog. All this quickness can be to the dog’s detriment if he is not taught right from wrong. Beginning at the puppy stage and reinforced daily thereafter, the Lakeland (as with all dogs) should be taught basic obedience commands and need to learn that you are the leader in the pack.

The Lakeland Terrier has basic needs: training, walks on a leash and play for physical exercise, normal veterinary care, a good diet to keep him at a healthy weight, and grooming to keep him handsome. Provide these needs and you’ll have a loyal friend for life!